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Project launching meeting of National Key Research and Development Program was held
From: | 2017-10-17

On 15th October, 2017, the National Key Research and Development Program-”Research, Development and Application Demonstration of New Insulating Refractories with Low thermal Conductivity and High Durability” was leaded by Ruitai Technology, Initial meeting was launched at Wuhan University of Science and Technology. This project belongs to “Technique and Application research of energy-saving non-metallic mineral functional materials”, one part of “Upgrading and industrialization of key basic material technology”.

 Vice-presidents of Wuhan University of Science and Technology,Mrs.Liu Jing, President of Xianyang Design Institute of Non-metallic Minerals Research, Mr.Lei Jianbing, Dean of office of Research and Development,Mr.Li Yawei, Dean of Material Science and Engineering School of Zhengzhou University, Mr.Chen Jingbo attended the conference.

The conference was held by Dean Mr.Gu Huazhi. At beginning,vice-presidents of Wuhan University of Science and Technology,Mrs.Liu Jing introduced scientific achievement of Wuhan University of Science and Technology. As principal of this project, Administrative Vice General Manager Mr.Yuan Lin introduced overall situation of this project, and confirmed tasks of each institutions.



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